Budget Hotels In Lisbon

Budget Hotels In Lisbon

Budget Hotels In Lisbon

Many people assume you have to spend a fortune to spend at least one night at one of the 4-star hotels in Lisbon Portugal. This is not true. Do some research. You can easily score a room in one of the 4-star hotels in Lisbon.

How can you score big with budget hotels in Lisbon?

Below you will find 5 ways to do this and still have cash leftover for whatever you may need.

1) Some of you may find some good deals just by being a member of a group. Say you are a teacher. Say you are a member of a non-profit organization. All you have to do is throw the name around and you can score anything from flights to Lisbon to Lisbon transfers. Some hotel chains will give discounts just for being in the military.

Now, this may not work for all groups. Some of them tend to be pretty choosy. Float the name out there and see what happens. You may want to do this before you book your flights to Lisbon or Lisbon transfers. Once the booking is made it is going to be too late.

2) Try to go during the off-season in Lisbon Portugal. The off-season tends to be a better time to trim the fat from your expenditures. You can save on the hotels and the transportation. You may even get some additional perks like shorter lines. You may be surprised at what some companies will do in Lisbon Portugal will do to bring in the business during the off-season.

What about the “shoulder seasons” in Lisbon Portugal?

This is going to be pushing it. This is just before and after the heaviest tourism months. Plan accordingly. Pull up some articles on vacation in Lisbon Portugal. Find out when the “shoulder season” is. Find out when the off-season is. Pick according to how much you can afford and when you can get away.

3) Use the internet for bookings when you can. Someone said online they stayed at a 4-star hotel in Lisbon for just under $80 by booking online. The room would have normally been $150-200 per night, had they called the hotel personally.

Scout out different sites. See what they have to offer. Do you know how to “leverage” their offers against one another? Take the time to learn. Leveraging is a good tool to use when booking a hotel in Lisbon. Leverage the offers against one another and see what they can do.

Are you not good with leveraging?

You have two choices. You can either have someone else do it for you. You can brush up on your leveraging skills and do it yourself. The choice is yours.

4) You can save a great deal of money by choosing something a little less traditional. You do not have to stay at some luxury hotel. Look up some bed-and -breakfast companies or stay at an inn. This is a good way to have an enjoyable experience and stay on a budget.

5) Try to negotiate your room rate. $80 per night may be too much for your wallet. Ask the person if they can drop the price down by 20%. You will either get a receptive response or you will not.

What happens when the person seems annoyed or offended by what you just said?

Let it go and move on. It is not worth it. You have bigger fish to fry. Keep the experience in the back of your mind for when you do future business. Thank you for visiting the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog.