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Discover Lisbon In Portugal

The microcosm that is Lisbon Portugal is a bustling metropolis and the capital city of Portugal. According to Wikipedia, Lisbon has a population over 550,000 people with 2.7 million living in the metro area. This makes it one of the largest urban areas in Western Europe. The city is politically demarcated in districts such as Alcantara, Mouraria and Parque das Nacoes. The region also has the highest GDP, PPP compared to any other region in Portugal. The GDP stands at $96 billion while the PPP is at $32,400. The cityscape is characterized by highly appealing art-nouveau buildings, mosaic sidewalks, historic museums and medieval facades. The city actually predates big European capitals like Paris, Rome and London by several centuries. Lisbon Portugal enjoys a Mediterranean climate evident by mild, rainy winters and dry, hot summers.

On the overall, the city has some of the warmest winters in Europe with temperatures averaging 8-C at night and 15-C during the day from November to February. Visitors and holidaymakers from the UK will greatly appreciate the laid back nature and serene atmosphere of the Portuguese capital. Out in the streets of Lisbon, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the city’s finest custard tarts and signature dessert, the Pasteis de Belem. As a popular tourist destination, Lisbon is home to several top hotels catering for different client profiles, from vacationers and business travelers to families out to look for fun. Our list of the top hotels in Lisbon includes; InterContinental Lisbon, Martinhal Lisbon Chado Family Suites, Memmo Principe Real – Design Hotel and Pousada de Lisboa.

Pousada de Lisboa is one of the smallest luxury hotels in Lisbon that flaunts true commitment to Portuguese arts. The hotel offers 90 spacious and comfortable rooms and suites of varying sizes. The Memmo Principe Real – Design Hotels, on its part offers an array of amenities to visitors. These include; swimming pool, private balcony, open air fire place, the Pois Café, wine bar and a spacious lobby with decorative paintings. The Martinhal Lisbon Chiado Family suites are an ideal place to visit with family. The hotel is strategically located on the narrow Chiado streets. Although the building housing the hotel is over a century old, its main attraction is the M Bar Family café, which acts as both a cafeteria and breakfast room. There many reasons to visit Lisbon Portugal aside from its hospitality, arts, weather and Mediterranean cuisine.

Traveling to Lisbon

A tour of the iconic Belem tower and a friendly populace versed in English will make you feel at home. Most flights to Lisbon are directed at Humberto Delgado Airport, which is located just 6.2 kilometers from the city center. The airport is the hub of the TAP Portugal airline and airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet, which offer direct flights to Lisbon from the UK.

When you arrive in Lisbon, there are several transportation companies that offer Lisbon airport transfers at competitive rates. Lisbon airport transfers are designed to make it easy for travelers to link to other parts of the city in a comfortable and safe manner. Lisbon Portugal also has an extensive public transportation network, with daily passes allowing passengers to book all types of public transportation from trams to metro buses. For more resources about Lisbon Portugal visit the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog.