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Fado In Lisbon

Visiting Lisbon Portugal and not listening to Fado music can be disappointing. Fado, ‘fate’ in English (fate could be one form of translation, as the word carries various meanings in Portuguese) traces its roots to 1800s making it the most traditional music genre in Lisbon and arguably, Portugal.

For the best sound and sweet sensation, Fado in Lisbon uses a combination of acoustic guitar sound and Portuguese guitars to produce melancholic effects on its crowd. Its lyrics are dominated by love, sadness, and sometimes atoned with humor.

If you are planning to travel to Lisbon, find some cheap flights to Lisbon and come and enjoy Fado. For your information, here are few facts about this famous traditional genre of music:

Fado appeared in Lisbon in late 1820’s, but has its origin in Portugal in early 1800s.

Fado music is divided into two varaieties, Fado from Lisbon and Fado from Coimbra. The one in Coimbra is more of classical style but less popular than that found in Lisbon.

The word ‘Fate’ in English has the same origin as Fado, both deriving from the Latin word “fatum”.

UNESCO in 2011 added Fado to the Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Now that you know a little about this popular music in Lisbon Portugal, you might be wondering, ‘where is it found?’

Fado music is mostly played by most hotels in Lisbon and other popular pubs across the city so you can get the best experience as you sample their menus.

The best Fadistas include;

• Amalia Rodrigues
• Cristina Branco
• Antonio Zambujo
• Helder Moutinho
• Mafalda Arnauth

If you are touring the town without a guide, then search the following places to experience Fado.

To make your search easier, you can ask for our reliable Lisbon transfers to any of the following ‘Fado powerhouses’:

A Severa – is among the best family-run restaurants, it boasts spectacular hand-painted tiles when illuminated by street lamps and creates a breathtaking environment perfect for playing Fado. You can order Portuguese meals as you wait for the performance to start at exactly 9 pm daily.

O Faia – the owners of the restaurant have a long history with Fado dating to 1947 when the restaurant was first launched. When inside, you will be welcomed with a plate of salted cod fish, octopus or any other traditional Portuguese menu you want. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful surroundings displaying panel tiles.

Clube de Fado – this is one of the restaurants that gets flooded with visitors even during the weekends in Lisbon Portugal. As you enjoy the Fado guitars and lovely lyrics, get a glass of wine to get in the mood. You can still view the performance even after 10 pm if you happen to arrive at a later time.

Adega Machado – under new management since 2012, the restaurant has witnessed a lot of positive changes in offering the it;s customers a Fado experience. It now features new Fadistas including Pedro Moutinho, Isabel Noronha, and Marco Rodrigues.

Senhor Vinho – is one of the best Fado joints for the locals featuring popular artists like Aldina Duarte who performs the best version of Fado tradition and they also offer inexpensive and decent meals.

The locals term Fado music as the intimate conversation between the Fadista and the eager audience. You may not comprehend its lyrics, but you will feel the emotions it evokes.

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