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How To Save Money In Lisbon

This content is about how to save money in Lisbon. Tourists tend to make a lot of mistakes when traveling to Lisbon. We meet a lot of confused tourists coming to Lisbon Portugal. They are looking for some good ways to save money on things like hotels in Lisbon, flights to Lisbon, or Lisbon private transfers.

What we see more often than not is people throwing their money away without meaning to. They also put their lives in danger without realizing it. Here are some general tips on how to not make the same mistakes others have made here in Lisbon Portugal.

How To Save Money In Lisbon the Right Way

1) You better become more savvy about choosing your tickets. These can be tickets for flights to Lisbon. These can be tickets for hotels in Lisbon. These tickets can also be for Lisbon private transfers.

There are 2 types you can get. The first one is for the journey. The second one is for credit. The second one is more or less for value. Our advice is to only buy credit when you plan on using the metro or train more frequently. Those who are doing it on occasion should just buy a ticket when needed.

Word of advice: Trams and buses do not allow you to buy according to usage. You will need to buy credit here.

2) Do you plan on going to any bars or restaurants in Lisbon Portugal? You may want to go outside of the city. The reason why is that is going to be less expensive. The staff is also going to be much friendly. The city tends to have more of an attitude. You ask anyone who lives here, they will back up our information.

Go outside of the city for a nice experience.

3) Planning on visiting a museum while you are here? Do it in the mornings, especially on Sunday. It is free before 2 PM. After 2 PM you will have to pay a price.

4) Try to learn as much of the language as you can in Lisbon Portugal. Those of you who speak in the native tongue will sometimes end up paying less. Try it. You will be surprised at the results you get.

5) Leave the city as often as you can. Those of you who are here for the weekend should stick with the city. You may not have enough time. Those of you who are here longer should get into the country. There is more to see. It is less crowded. The air is fresher. It is also cheaper.

6) Time for a picnic. It is a great way to save money and still fill the hunger inside.

7) The local produce is another great way to save money. It is cheap and it tastes good. Those of us who live here full-time always make time for the produce, even when it means taking one of those Lisbon private transfers.

8) The city is more beautiful at night. It is less crowded. It feels amazing. You may even find some places open to get something to eat. There is nothing like it. It also costs less when you go later in the night to get something to eat.

9) We are going to warn you about the starters. These are our version of the “appetizer”. They are not free. You will get charged for them, whether you eat them or not. Better to avoid these places when you are short on money.

10) We also want to warn you about the traffic. Take the green light for example. There is still going to be traffic running through as you walk to the other side. Make sure the cars spot you, for they are required to stop when they see you.

Pay attention to everything you are doing. This is going to save you time and money alone. Thank you for reading the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog and for visiting