Lisbon The Capital Of Portugal

Lisbon The Capital Of Portugal

Lisbon The Capital Of Portugal

Lisbon Portugal is a beautiful city set by the mighty Tagus River on the Southern Shore of the Iberian Peninsula. It has a rich history of many cultures to the point where it now has a culture of its own as a result.

Lisbon the capital of Portugal is easily accessible from all points in Europe and North Africa, and many people from the UK holiday there and even have holiday homes in the city. Flights to Lisbon from the UK are numerous and feature such airlines as British Airways, Air France, Monarch, Ryanair and Easyjet.

Direct flights from London take just a little over three hours and upon arrival there are numerous Lisbon Portugal airport transfers to take you to your hotel. The hotels in Lisbon are plentiful, to say the least, and range from budget pricing to luxurious as you choose.

Many tourists enjoy visiting the western area of Portugal, mainly in the Cascais region where there is an abundance of hotels, beaches, restaurants and the Casino Estoril, one of the largest Casinos in Europe. The Casino dated back to 1916 and was a rendezvous for spies and various national figures during both World Wars.

Primary attractions of Lisbon are the sunny weather, sight seeing and the food. Portugal has been a fishing economy for centuries and there are many that say that there is no finer seafood than that found in Portugal, and primarily in Lisbon.

From oysters, cod, shrimp, sardines, an octopus that are steamed, grilled, roasted and stewed, then soaked in virgin olive oil, you will have your choice of the many tasty dishes offered. Restaurants run the gamut from small cafes to opulent fine dining establishments. Of course, Portugal is known for its fine wines and especially its Port. Try a refreshing bottle of Vinho Verde, the light green wine for a delightful mid-afternoon refreshment.

Lisbon Portugal and the entire Iberian Peninsula was invaded by the Islamic Moors in 714 and there is still a cultural carryover in the spicy foods and the architecture with the beautiful blue Portuguese azulejos tiles. The most fun about traveling about in Lisbon Portugal is to experience the people. The Portuguese people are genuinely happy and eager to help tourists find things. They are proud of their heritage and eager to point out its positive points.

Some tourists say that it is easy to get lost in Lisbon Portugal, but in fact one is never lost there, because just around the corner is a wonderful cafe or restaurant where you can spend the afternoon having lunch.

There are many sights to see along the way from St. Jorges Castle, the ancient Moorish Citadel where Vasco Da Gama received honors for discovering the route to India and the Belem district where explorers such as da Gama, Dias and Henry the Navigator set off for lands then unknown.

Lisbon the capital of Portugal is the perfect getaway for anyone from the UK with the incredibly easy flights to Lisbon and convenient Lisbon airport transfers to the various hotels in Lisbon.

People who have not previously had the pleasure of visiting Lisbon will relish in the relaxed atmosphere, the casual lifestyle and the ability to find one of the most fascinating cuisines in Europe. A trip from the UK to Lisbon for such a reasonable price is easily made, so why not make plans today? You certainly won’t regret the decision. Thank you for reading the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog and enjoy your time in Lisbon.