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Lisbon Travel Bucket List

Lisbon Portugal is a unique place on Earth where vistas are opened in areas you have never experienced. The food, the people, the geographical location all lend to the freshness and excitement that is found nowhere else on earth.

The climate of Lisbon Portugal is ideal for sightseeing and enjoying the wonderful food found all over the city. In the summer the average temperature hovers around the 72-degree range, and in the winter it never gets much cooler than 52 degrees. There is more rain in the wintertime, but it is usually very moderate.

Before you arrive, you will surely want to make your Lisbon travel bucket list so you are organized enough to know where you are going. There are definitely things that you will want to see and experience, so the following will offer some of the main destinations for your pleasure.

Food and Dining

Lisbon Portugal is well known for its fine food and delectable choices of different menus. Seafood is by far one of the most popular choices because Lisbon is located so near the water. In addition, since Henry the Navigator sent out his ships in the 1500’s to bring back all of the exotic spices and vegetables, the Portuguese cuisine has been anything but bland.

Rich combinations of black pepper, chili peppers, saffron and cinnamon are the top spices along with olive oil, causing lunches to last up to two hours and dinners well into the late evenings. Fresh fish and seafood are found everywhere along with fresh stews called cozido. Pork is a staple along with fresh Portuguese sausages.

For a real treat in culinary adventure try Belcanto which offers a very creative menu and lots of food. You can get a 16-course meal, and of course all of the fine wines such as Medeira and Port are available.

A great cafe is located in Cascais, to the west of Lisbon. This intimate cafe is great for lunches. They offer a wide variety of tasty pastries along with some magnificent lunches. Be sure to try their assortment of wines.

Many of the restaurants are worth patronizing as the food is almost always fresh and inviting to treat your palate with the finest of tastes.

The Memorial to The Navigators and Explorers

This is a very historical site as it was the very spot that many of the Portuguese explorers from Henry the Navigator, Magellan, Dias, and Vasco Da Gama set sail to discover the then unknown parts of the world, Da Gama sailed to India and brought back pepper and cinnamon. Dias was the first to sail around the Cape of Good Hope, Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the world and Henry are known for the navigator school he founded. The Memorial is located in the Lisbon Portugal Harbor.

The Alfama and St. Jorge’s Castle

Over the many years it has been in existence, the Alfama has transformed itself from an outside, poorer area where sailors and dock workers lived, into a chic artisan neighborhood with unique shops, cafes and a terrific view of the city of Lisbon from atop the highest point in Lisbon. It works a walking tour through the district to experience the ambiance of the region.

St. Jorge’s Castle is an old Moorish castle with all of the pomp and circumstance that a castle should have. A very nice restaurant is situated within, and the food is great as is the Port Wine for which the menu is noted.

Flights to Lisbon

Flights to Lisbon are relatively inexpensive from just about anywhere. The pricing ranges from £50 to £70 from the UK or even less, and for a few hundred dollars one way from New York and Boston.

The transfers to Lisbon airport are also inexpensive and easily arranged at the traveler’s convenience. This makes it easy for travelers to come and go as they please to and from their hotels in Lisbon. The hotels in Lisbon are many and all very amenable to tourists. The transfers to Lisbon airport are among the easiest and best-run services in Europe.

There are many sights to see and to include on your Lisbon travel bucket list so spend some time planning and you will be glad you looked ahead for your trip. Thank you for reading the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog and for making your Lisbon Airport Transfers bookings with!