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Planning Your Trip To Lisbon

Are you looking for a lively and interesting place to holiday in Europe? Well one of the most culturally diverse, exciting cities is set in the heart of Portugal. The capital city of Lisbon Portugal is a treasure, filled with vast array of lovely architectural buildings from many different eras of history. In fact, a journey to Lisbon is literally a chance to walk back into thousands of years of rich European history.

The Rich History of Lisbon

From the time of the Roman empire and the Middle Ages, to the magnificent modern structures, the city of Lisbon Portugal is filled with a combination of beautiful ancient and modern architecture. The ancient city is bursting with many amazing Roman, Gothic, Manueline, Baroque, Modern and Postmodern constructions just waiting for you to visit. Each of these buildings from remarkable eras tells a great story of the thriving life of Portugal for centuries. Because of its vast diversity, Lisbon is a great place to holiday and learn more about the history of this vibrant area of Europe.

Lisbon’s Lovely Mediterranean Climate

Additionally, this port city located on the Tagus River offers a very enjoyable climate for tourists. Out of all cities in the region, Lisbon Portugal has one of the most delightful Mediterranean climates. The overall mild, sometimes rainy winters, and warm-hot dry summers make it a temperate place to holiday all year long. The peak travel season weather from May through October is generally dry and warm. However, winter travel is also popular because Lisbon Portugal has one of the warmest winters of all the European cities.

Lisbon’s Culture Hub

Lisbon also features some of the most wonderful cultural venues in Europe. It features 11 world class museums featuring ancient, medieval, pre-modern and modern art and history. It also has an opera house and four other prominent theatres that have been delighting travelers for generations. The city features many cultural festivals throughout the year, fantastic café’s and dining venues as well as wonderful natural parks allowing visitors to go out and enjoy the gardens, a rich forest area and nature, right in the city. The premier park is Parque Florestal de Monsanto which has over 2,500 acres of rich forest and garden areas and visitors can enjoy a delightful day spending time in nature.

Planning Your Holidays In Lisbon

When planning your trip to Lisbon and looking for accommodations, there are many wonderful hotels in Lisbon and flights to Lisbon and Lisbon transfers can usually be obtained at a good price when booked in advance. Hotels in Lisbon range from classic elegance to modern and trendy, so no matter what your comfort or desire is,  accommodations in Lisbon are waiting for your next visit.

If you are considering taking a trip to the lovely, culturally rich city of Lisbon Portugal, there is no lack of things to enjoy in the area. Because it is a popular European holiday spot, it is recommended that you start planning your trip to Lisbon at least 5-6 months in advance. Planning your holiday months in advance will ensure that you have the best opportunity to get the best possible deals on flights to Lisbon, the best Lisbon transfers and the best hotels for the holiday package you are looking for. This is especially true during the summer high season. Prices are generally higher during this time of year and the later you book your holiday, the higher most of the costs tend to be. Thank you for visiting the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog and for booking your transfers with