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Top 10 Museums In Lisbon

Lisbon Portugal is home to more than 30 unique museums. In addition to the traditional-style collections of European artwork, museums in Lisbon Portugal feature a plethora of historical and cultural displays.

It’s easy to find cheap flights to Lisbon and there are plenty of hotels in Lisbon convenient to the museums. With so much to see from science and technology to archaeological finds, it wasn’t easy, but we narrowed the list down to our favorite top 10 museums in Lisbon Portugal.

1. Museu Nacional Do Azulejos (National Tile Museum)

Lisbon is known for the vibrant ceramic tiles used in architecture. You can spot them within the walls of city attractions, palaces, and villas. These colorful tiles, some of them dating back to the 15th century can also be enjoyed in one place at the National Tile Museum located a little over a mile north of Alfama.

2. Museu Nacional De Arte Antiga (Museum of Ancient Art)

The Lisbon Portugal National Gallery has the country’s largest collection of 15th and 16th-century paintings as well as art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. It is housed in a 17th-century palace. You could easily spend half a day browsing this extensive collection. One of the most impressive pieces is the Panels de St Vincent dating back to 1470. It is located at R. das Janelas Verdes.

3. Hospital De Bonecas (Doll Hospital)

The Hospital of Dolls is one of Lisbon’s most unusual attractions. It is a place where damaged figurines and dolls are repaired and restored to their original condition. Customers include doll owners from around the world. The business doubles as a museum of antique dolls. Visit the Doll Hospital at Praça da Figueira, 7 in Lisbon.

4. Museu Da Edectricidade (Museum of Electricity)

The Museum of Electricity is an electricity generating station decommissioned in the early 20th century. The imaginatively lit steam turbines, furnaces, consoles, and piping are all original. On the lower level is a museum that tells the story of the discovery of electricity. An interactive exhibit features hands-on experiments. The address is Edifício Central Tejo – Avenida Brasília

5. Museu De São Roque (Museum of Sao Roque)

Touring the Museum of Sao Roque can be combined with a free visit to the fabulously decorated adjoining church. This interesting collection includes church relics from India, the Middle East, China, and Japan. See examples of Flemish tapestry, 16th to 18th Portuguese paintings, filigree jewelry, and bold sculptures. See this museum at Largo de Trindade Coelho.

6. Museu da Farmacia(Pharmacy Museum)

The Pharmacy Museum tells the worldwide story of pharmacy and health with rare artifacts charting the evolution of pharmacy beginning 5,000 years ago. These artifacts include an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and a penicillin culture preserved in a tablet signed on the back by Alexander Fleming who discovered the antibiotic. It can be visited at Rua Marechal Saldanha, 1, 1249-069.

7. Museu National Dos Coches (National Coach Museum)

The National Coach Museum showcases historic coaches and carriages from Portugal and other Europen countries from the 16th to 19th centuries. They represent the evolution of horse-drawn transportation used by the Courts of Europe. Marvel at red velvet interiors and carved gilded wood. It is located at Av. da Índia 136, 1300-004 Lisboa

8. Museu Da Oriente(Orient Museum)

The Orient Museum houses a priceless collection from Eastern Europe. Rare artifacts include a 17-century Namban screen that depicts Portuguese explorers arriving in Japan, a carved teak door found in India, and a child’s cradle from Macau trimmed with bronze and iron.

9. Museu Do Design E Da Moda (The Museum of Design and Fashion)

Lisbon’s Design Museum is one of the world’s leading museums of its kind. It includes businessman Francisco Capelo’s fashion collection as well as 230 designers from around the world such as well as jewelry, glass, and furnishings. See it at Rua Augusta,24.

10. Museu Calouste Gulbenkian (Calouste Gulbenkian Museum)

One of the finest art collections in Europe, exhibits at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum span over 4,000 years. All of the pieces once belonged to one man, Calouste Gulbenkian, an Armenian oil magnate. It includes Roman medallions found in Egypt, rare paintings, and more. It is located at Av. de Berna 45A.

Our list represents only about one-third of Lisbon’s museums. With cheap flights to Lisbon and reasonable hotels in Lisbon, you will want to see them all. As always, the best way to get around in Lisbon is by booking your transfers with Lisbon Airport Transfers UK.

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