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Visit Lisbon In Portugal

If planning to visit Lisbon Portugal in the near future, you should know where to visit and what this city is all about. It’s also important to know what hotels in Lisbon are the most comfortable and what flights to Lisbon are available. Here is some general information about this city and some of the most popular things to do while visiting there.

Statistics for Portugal

When you visit Lisbon in Portugal expect to see many people with a population of 552,700 people in a total area of just over 100 square kilometers. 27% of the countries population live in this metropolitan area. This country plays an important roll in commerce, finance, media, arts, entertainment, education, international trade, and tourism. This is one of the continents major economic centres with a financial sector that is growing and the largest container port of the Atlantic coast of Europe. They also have an airport that serves more than 20 million passengers a year, as well as a high-speed rail system linking Portugal’s main cities and the motorway network. Lisbon Portugal comes in 32nd when it comes to gross earnings and is home of many of the multinationals. It is the home of the Head of State and is the political centre in Portugal.

Fact About Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Portugal is known as one of the world’s oldest city coming before Paris, London, and Rome. It has an enjoyable Mediterranean climate including some of the warmest winters in Europe. The temperatures average between 15 degrees and 8 degrees in January. The rain occurs mostly in the winter and the summer is generally dry. The summer lasts for around four months spanning June to September. There is an average of only 4.6 hours of sunshine per day in December while in July you can enjoy 11.4 hours of sun.

Culture of the Area

The city is full of Romanesque, Manueline, Modern, Baroque, Postmodern, and Gothic architecture. It has historical boulevards and monuments throughout the area but especially in the north. Many museums can be found in the city including Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, National Azulejo Museum, and Museu Nacional dos Coches, just to name a few. The Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos hosts many Operas and other culturally diverse shows.

The second largest park in Lisbon, Eduardo VII Park, extends down the main avenue, Avenida da Liberdade, including many greenspaces and flowering plants. Many hotels in Lisbon are beautiful and include many amenities. Flights to Lisbon can be found from just about anywhere in the world. Find transfers from Lisbon to just about anywhere else in the world from one of these airports but you will be missing out on all of the amazing things Lisbon, Portugal is known for.

The name comes from a Phoenician term that means “safe harbour”. The next time you visit Lisbon in Portugal you will be sure to feel safe and secure in the interesting and dynamic culture. If you’re just stopping in on one of the transfers from Lisbon, you’ll be missing out on everything that the country has to offer. Make sure that you get so spend some time in the city while you are there. Thank you for visiting the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog.