Visiting Lisbon On A Budget

Visiting Lisbon On A Budget

Visiting Lisbon On A Budget

Visiting Lisbon on a budget is incredibly easy to do. Lisbon Portugal, is one of the most charming cities on the planet. Fortunately, you do not have to possess a large budget to enjoy most activities the city has to offer. Check out some cheap flights to Lisbon and enjoy!


Take time to enjoy the views. Strap on some comfy shoes and you can climb any number of hills for stunning panoramic city views. Designated viewpoints exist all over the city from restaurants and hotels in Lisbon to quaint neighborhoods. You can also take an afternoon or two to spend at the beach. It is also possible to take a bike out for free to explore the nearby fishing villages at some of the hotels in Lisbon. And, surfing is hugely popular in Lisbon. Bring your own board and ride the waves for free.

Museums and Galleries

Most museums are completely free in Lisbon on the first Sunday of each month. These attractions are typically quite expensive, however if you time your trip right, you can save a bundle and not have to miss some of the best sights and exhibits in the city. Go early to beat the masses. You can also visit a number of art galleries for free that feature some of the most popular local artists without having to pay an entry fee.

Hit the Markets

Lisbon Portugal, is home to nearly any type of market you can imagine. A few examples include Mercado do Ribeira which is an artisan and local food paradise and Mercado do Jardim which features handmade and local crafts and artistry. And, be sure to check out the Thieves Market which is the Feria da Ladra. This is a dynamic flea market with anything and everything from used books to antique signs.

Cheap Eats

Lisbon is a food lover’s dream and one can enjoy the foodie scene without breaking the bank. Many budget-friendly and scrumptious options exist in every corner of the city. Whether you are seeking a snack at a market or a dining experience with a stunning view, Lisbon Portugal, has a host of delicious alternatives for the budget-conscious traveler. If you wish to save even more, pop into a food market and buy amazingly fresh and local ingredients to prepare a meal on your own.

Explore by Foot

The primary pedestrian shopping street, Rua Augusta, is an ideal place to get a feel for the local life. You will see a wide array of entertainment such as buskers, street performers, musicians and artists. You can also take a self-guided tour of the city by foot. The city has kindly arranged 45 different walking tours and guides for you to explore at your leisure. You could spend your entire holiday walking around the city and still not see everything. You can also walk along the sea for a highly pleasant and delightful morning, afternoon or evening stroll.


Lisbon airport transfers are just one way to get you to the city. You can inexpensively take the Metro from the airport to any number of destinations throughout the city. Another affordable option is to travel around by bus. If you want to spend a little more money at a greater convenience, you can also hire a taxi or hire a car. Arriving by cheap flights to Lisbon Portugal, has never been easier. And, getting around the city can be affordable and enjoyable.

Lisbon Portugal, has an endless amount of activities, adventures and dining options for any budget. Whether you are looking for entertainment, Lisbon airport transfers or musical options, visiting Lisbon on a budget is highly achievable and highly recommended. Thank you for visiting the Faro Airport Transfers Blog.