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Walking & Biking Tours in Lisbon

The city of Lisbon is the picturesque capital of Portugal. It is also the largest in the country. Lisbon is one of the most attractive cities for tourists as it has a lot to offer. The city features gorgeous views of the Sao Jorge Castle, and the suspension bridge Ponte 25 de Abril. The old town of Lisbon is filled with pastel coloured buildings that are more than picture worthy. Outside of the city, there is also a string of Atlantic beaches.

Staying In Lisbon

Flights to Lisbon are some of the most inexpensively priced flights out there. Buying the ticket earlier will ensure an even cheaper cost for your flights to Lisbon. Hotels in Lisbon are also a lot less expensive than in other prime location. There are excellent hotels in the old part of town that offer fantastic views. Such places are tucked among the pastel coloured buildings and have a homey atmosphere. There is nothing better than having a morning coffee while overlooking the colourful buildings and the treetops. People still live in the old parts of town, and there are many markets as well which are quite inexpensive. The hotels in Lisbon are some of the most welcoming out there.

Walking & Biking Tours in Lisbon

Walking & Biking Tours in Lisbon are some of the most sought after activities by tourists. The community of the city offers many exploitative activities such as walking tours. These are especially varied in the city. There are many beautiful sights to experience. One could prefer to go on a small-group walking tour which usually consists of experiencing the history of the city as well as the cuisine. There is a series of tasting completed with a glass of wine produced in Portugal. The ferry trip across Tagus River will be the perfect conclusion to the half-day trip.

Touring Lisbon on an Electric Bike

If you are into biking, you might want to opt in for the electric bike tour across the hills of the city. Lisbon has many hills, and that makes riding a bike quite exhausting. Electric bikes will allow you to enjoy yourself without the excessive muscle cramps at the end if you would be riding a regular bike. The electric bike tour starts from the central part of Lisbon. You will visit the neighbourhoods of Alfama and Bairro Alto which is one of the most picturesque ones in the city, as well as Chiado. Walking & Biking Tours in Lisbon are all educational and fun. They allow you to explore so much of the city that time flies by.

Heritage Sites in Lisbon

Among the most attractive sites in the town of Lisbon is the Belém Tower or as the Portuguese call it Torre de Belém. The enigmatic district became an international heritage for its iconic beauty and historical value. The trip lasts one hour and a half. Over the course of the tour, there are a few stops such as the National Coach Museum, the Monastery of St Jerome, the Belém National Palace. You will also have the chance to visit and learn more about the bakery where the iconic Portuguese pastry “Pastel de Belém” was first created.

The Atmosphere In Lisbon

The city of Lisbon is famous for the feeling it gives people. It is not only picturesque, but there is a definite cosmopolitan feel to it as well. The city is also filled with creativity and inspiration. If you are artsy and you are seeking for a fitting atmosphere, Lisbon has a lot to offer. After sundown, you might want to experience the night life as well. The city has a very active night life as there are a vast number of clubs and bars. Lisbon transfers you from a historical and adventurous atmosphere into a time for fun and letting your hair down at one of the clubs. Lisbon transfers will transport you elegantly day and night. In Lisbon, there is something for everyone.

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