Lisbon Airport Transfers

Weekend Lisbon Breaks

Thinking about where to go for one of your weekend trips? Weekend Lisbon breaks are the best option to go for and Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal and its capital. One of the oldest European city after Athens, probably settled in 1200 BC Cosmopolitan. The capital of Portugal continues to inspire the romantic scenario between historic neighborhoods and beautiful buildings – a reflection of glorious history. Across the city the important part of explorers and adventurers who led the famous era of discoveries can still be felt.

Why Is Visiting Lisbon A Great Idea?

Lisbon Portugal is a major city which offers a great cultural, festive, gastronomic and commercial agenda similar to other major European cities. Enjoy your trip and listen to Fado, enjoy a coffee and the delicious Belem pastry, admire the beauty of the city on a cruise along the river Tagus, you can discover the old district in the fabulous yellow tram and immerse yourself in the bohemian atmosphere of the Chiado area. Discover the transformation that has undergone in the city after the Universal Exhibition in 1998, the Tower of Belém, the castle of St. George, the cathedral the Park of Nations and the The Padrao dos Descobrimentos.

Catch the entire glimpse with affordable flights to Lisbon Portugal, and enjoy glamorous hotels in Lisbon, and of course, Lisbon airport transfers are readily available to transport you to your choice destination.

Explore The Historic Alfama

Alfama is Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood in Portugal, and the only neighborhood to survive a devastating earthquake in 1755 that forced a major reconstruction project.

Alfama is a wonderful, not only because it is associated with fishermen and sailors, but it is also granted as a haven for the rich for the 17th century, due to the region of public baths. While in Alfama, wander the narrow streets and picturesque architectural buildings like cafes with red roofs and cream colored bases. Many of the streets are lined with trees, making for good places to stay if you need shade during hot days.

Visit the Museum of Decorative Arts in Alfama. Lisbon Portugal has an impressive collection of antique furniture. Undoubtedly, Alfama has many things to offer when you spend several hours away from your hotel.

Points Of Interest For Shoppers

You think of Paris or Milan as remarkable shopping areas and the streets of Lisbon offer many places to indulge in shopping. High fashion clothing and Gourmet food goods are abundant in Lisbon.

Places Of Interest In Lisbon That Cannot Be Missed

The Jerome Monastery, which opened in 1601 presents impressive examples of Renaissance architecture. Many tourists flock to the area from their hotels to this religious place and end up being in one of the most decorative buildings around. The monastery has two levels and a stone gate of 32 meters on one of the entrances and carved representations of saints. The Castle of St. George is also worth seeing located on a hill, overlooking the Tagus River and Lisbon’s historic center. Historians say that there are structures at the castle’s location as early as the second century BC and the last building underwent major renovations in the 19th century.

Tasty Meals In Lisbon Portugal

This European capital is known for its seafood, but there are many other foods to discover too. Many of the well-established Lisbon restaurants serving perfectly cooked oysters and mussels. Some restaurants serve Lisbon snacks, such as bread covered with olive oil or combined with tasty sauces. In addition to seafood, other options include flavored artichokes or steaks served with vegetable dishes or aromatic rice.

Portuguese tapas are also widely available and many of the shops that specialize in small dishes have modern atmospheres. 

In Conclusion

When you wish to plan a trip to Europe, consider Lisbon Portugal, a city full of stories and history, where there is sunshine a period of 290 days a year and a moderate temperature of 15 degrees or above. Flights to Lisbon are available from every major metropolitan area and Lisbon airport transfers can help you enjoy your weekend Lisbon breaks.

Lisbon is a place where you feel safe going out in the day or at night and where the restaurants are dedicated to present more than a thousand of mouth watering dishes. You will find history combined with cultural entertainment and high-tech innovation. Don’t miss out and thank you for visiting the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog.