Lisbon Airport Transfers

Where To Stay In Lisbon City Centre

Whether you are looking for flights to Lisbon, hotels in Lisbon, Lisbon city transfers or even the most accurate and up to date details on where to stay in Lisbon city centre, you have come to the right place. In the following review, we will cover a few of these basics and even more as beautiful Lisbon Portugal has much to offer you in turn. This beautiful capital city of Portugal has a wealth of sights to behold, along with nearly 553,000 local residents to meet and greet altogether. Indeed, this beautiful city and its centre are active all the day long. So stay tuned, and keep reading to see how you can take full advantage and come back home with something exciting to share.

Lisbon Portugal – Flights to Lisbon

First of all, finding the best flight alone can be quite a hassle and a unique challenge altogether as not all airports fly to this destination from the U.S., but the chances are good that you can get a transfer or two via different airline connections. For instance, you can usually take any local plane that goes to a city of a larger mainline carrier, which eventually flies to connect you to Lisbon. American Airlines flies there and is a top choice.

Lisbon Portugal – Hotels in Lisbon

There are nearly 700 wonderful inns, hotels and even hostels or holiday rentals to stay in when you choose beautiful Lisbon, and it all depends – of course – on just how much you are willing to spend in total. Costs begin as low as $28 and can go as high as $900 for one night alone, so choose wisely and consider the surrounding areas as well. Do they have all the accommodations that you seek, and are they close to the airport and city centre or further away from all the attractions?

Staying in Lisbon City Centre

You can easily arrange transportation and get to city centre in seven minutes or less after you leave the main airport terminals. Getting around is even easier. Once you are within the main centre, you simply walk from place to place or catch a cheap – or sometimes free – trolley ride around the area. These trolleys resemble what you may see in San Francisco. The city centre is known for its luscious indoor gardens, its invaluable art squares and indoor art museums, its wonderful dine-in eateries, its top rated hotels and even its trains that go in and out.

Lisbon – More to Behold and Remember

Many tourists and locals alike roam the area constantly, so you should never have a hard time fitting in or finding something new to do altogether, which is what most people love about the center of Lisbon in the first place, you will never be bored, it’s where the action and excitement are at, and downtown nightlife is a special thing of its own as well. Thank you for visiting the Lisbon Airport Transfers Blog and enjoy your time in Lisbon, Portugal.